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Free for Parents.

Free for Schools.

Personalised for your School.

No technical work required.

The easiest way to raise funds for your School.

Join the School Fundraising Revolution

MySchoolPerks.com is an online fundraising platform designed specifically for Schools. With no monthly fees and offering higher commissions raised than any other fundraising platforms we believe MySchoolPerks.com to be the perfect tool to raise funds for your School.

Parents, family, teachers and members of staff from your School are able to support your School by using My School Perks for free. By choosing to support your School they will be rewarded by having access to discounts, perks and competitions.

We work closely with top brands and retailers to secure the best deals for your School.

How does My School Perks work?


We create your school’s unique Perks page where offers, perks and +100s of retailers are featured. We will also create a Projects Page specifically for your School.


Parents, teachers and family who wish to support your school can create a free account. They will simply need to click on the retailers’ logos to visit their websites.


Done! When an online purchase is completed, the retailer will reward your school without costing the school or the parents anything. Ready, fund, go!

What makes us different from other fundraising platforms?

  • Built specifically for schools
  • Personalised Perks Page for your school
  • Reward parents and teachers as they support your school
  • Receive offers and discounts for your school
  • Share updates about your School’s projects & fundraising levels easily

Your school receives 100% of the commissions

When a new retailer joins My School Perks they agree to pay a commission for every transaction generated via My School Perks. This is how many online businesses and some fundraising platforms work. The main difference is that My School Perks always gives 100% of the commission received back to the Schools. Other businesses as well as fundraising platforms keep up to 60% of those commissions giving the School just around 40% or even less depending on the retailer.

This is why My School Perks gives you more than other fundraising platforms and why more Schools across the UK are joining our platform everyday.

Why should your School join MySchoolPerks.com?

Raise funds without effort

Every time parents or teachers use MySchoolPerks.com they will be rewarding the school.

Reward parents & teachers

You will be giving parents, teachers and school staff access to discounts, offers and competitions.

Improve communication and share your school's projects with parents

Opportunity to share your projects with parents – keep them updated easily.

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The Process

Adding a School to MySchoolPerks.com is quick, easy and completely FREE.

Below you can find the steps that we will follow in order to create your personalised School’s perks page. Once the site is ready parents, teachers and school staff  will gain access to national and local retailers as well as exclusive perks. Ready, Fund, Go!