School fundraising, an innovative approach!

My School Perks, the efficient and rewarding online School Fundraising Platform.

Parent and teacher associations make great efforts every year to raise money for their schools. School fundraising projects like seasonally themed fairs, sports events and cake sales are enthusiastically embraced by all who participate.

Money raised is either donated to local and national charities or put towards something the school needs like a new playground, special resources and educational trips.

From March 2020 all of these school fundraising events have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and schools have unfortunately lost the opportunity to raise money. It is still not known if any fundraising events will be able to go ahead in the academic year 2020 / 2021, so we have come up with a solution to ensure schools are still able to effectively raise funds.

My School Perks: The best online school fundraising platform

Online fundraising is currently the most efficient way to raise money for schools. My School Perks has been designed to give staff and parents the chance to raise money for their school easily, whilst they shop online, without costing them anything at all. Friends and family are also able to create an account and use My school perks to support their chosen school too.

To thank users for their support, they will simultaneously be personally rewarded with numerous perks, which include discounts and offers from national retailers as well as the possibility of entering exciting competitions.

How does school fundraising benefit children

School funding has been gradually decreased by successive governments since 2008, leaving school administrators with little choice. Per pupil funding has not kept pace with rising school costs – dropping from £5,000 in 2015 to £4,700 in 2020. (Source: schoolcuts.org.uk).
Raising funds for schools enables schools to invest in different projects or wish lists, and every school has the possibility of sharing their projects with parents on a dedicated projects page on My school perks.com. The school’s projects page will only be visible to logged in members that support that school.

Funds raised for schools are used to enrich children’s lives and learning experience. Fundraising will allow schools to acquire learning resources and provide the best education possible. They can also use any finds raised to improve facilities or to buy or replace any equipment.

Enrichment programmes as well as access to a larger number of resources can be utilised to help students develop their individual skills and interests. This will also allow the school to increase student’s independence and creativity as they learn.

Want to joing the school fundraising revolution?

It’s easy, and it’s free! Just register your school today, let parents know. As soo as parents and teacher have created their free accounts, voilà! Ready, fund, go.

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