Perks for parents,

funds for schools.

My School Perks is an innovative platform to raise funds for schools at the same time as parents are rewarded. And it’s FREE for Schools.

Join the school fundraising revolution.


    This is what My School Perks can offer to your School & PTA:

    Classrooms Wishlist

    We will create your own “Wishlist” where your school, or teachers, can ask parents and families to buy specific products or suplies specifically for their children’s class.

    Online Fundraising

    This is where parents, tecahers, and families will find offers and discounts from carefully selected brands that would be happy to pay a commission to your School every time that someone completes a purchase online.

    School Marketplace

    A dedicated marketplace for British Schools to find suppliers, educational resources and a wide variety of products with the most competitive prices. Free for all the Schools that join My School Perks.

    How does it work?


    Register your School for Free

    Simply fill in the online form and we will contact you to confirm all the details and answer any questions you may have.


    We create your School’s unique Perks page + Your Classrooms Wishlist

    This is where parents will be able to find exclusive discounts, perks and offers. You will also have the opportunity to improve parent – school communication by sharing your School’s projects.



    That’s it, ready to start funding! Time to introduce My School Perks to parents, teachers and school staff.

    We will help you along the way.

    How will it help the School?

    My School Perks is a new innovative platform to raise funds for your school. Not only will you be raising funds for the school to build that new playground or to buy those laptops the children would really benefit from, but you will also be rewarding parents and teachers by giving them access to competitions, discounts and exclusive perks.

    Better Opportunities

    Offering children the best tools to learn means offering them more opportunities to succeed.

    Innovative Experiences

    As Albert Einstein once said, “To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play.” Give them something to start today!

    Better Infrastructures

    Schools should get access to the best possible infrastructure without having to wait for years to receive that funding that is “never enough”.

    Further Skills Development

    Let them learn the skills today that will help them build the future. Don’t let the budget hold them down.

    100’s of brands and businesses across the UK want to support your School on My School Perks


    These are just some examples of the brands that want to support your school and offer you some exciting discounts and perks.

    Join My School Perks for free and access +100s of retailers like them.

    … and 100+ brands more!


    Keetoo will donate £5 to your school or PTA every time someone (parent, grandparents, friends) or teacher downloads the free Keetoo app using the school’s unique link AND uploads Kredits. They will also receive 10 additional FREE Kredits per adult (£10) and 6 FREE Kredits per child to use at the best attractions, experiences and cinemas across the UK

    Keetoo is an innovative new mobile app for families where you can book the best attractions, things to do and cinemas in the UK. Downloading Keetoo is free and EVERY TIME you top up you get FREE additional Kredits that you can spend at over 250+ venues across the UK.

    Visit Keetoo.com to find out more and download their mobile app for free.

    My School Perks & the Local Community

    We also believe schools are a big part of the local community. We will endeavour to bring the local community together and give local businesses the chance to play an important role by featuring in your unique School’s perks page.

    Add your School to My School Perks


    If you would like to start using My School Perks for your School please complete the School Registration form and we will create your own perks page for free.